Visiokraft Optometrist 2021 Update

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January 26, 2021

Visiokraft Optometrist 2021 Update

Without a doubt, the year 2021 has been a tough year for many small businesses, us included. With local cases spikes, rounds of lockdowns and confusing SOPs, running a small business in this climate is definitely no fun. However, with the ramped-up vaccination process and the relatively high vaccination rates, we are hoping to see cases reduce and things start to revert back to normal.

For the past few months, we at Visiokraft Optometrist have made few adjustments to ensure we are still able to provide quality service to our clients at the same time keeping everyone safe.

First, we adopted an appointment system, which can be found at [here], as early as last year. The whole point behind implementing an appointment system is to reduce the number of people instore at one particular time. Besides that, operating on an appointment basis allows us enough time to sanitize the whole shop, especially the examination room before and after each group of clients to ensure safe practice. In addition to that, client can get our optometrist’s full attention during examination and consultation. While making an appointment just to get your eyes checked for a new pair of glasses might be a little hassle for some people, we decided that the benefits outweigh the cons, and in alignment with our values of not compromising quality, we decided to continue forward with this system into the foreseeable future.

Secondly, we’ve stepped up and invested in safety and sanitization procedures. Every frame that is tried on will be properly sanitized via UV machine.

We also sanitize the whole premise after every client, using a sanitization spray gun. Besides this, we have two UV machines running on timer which goes off and bathe the whole shop with UV, after we close and before we open just for that extra precaution.

Thirdly, We will be doing our part in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 in the community by having our staff undergo weekly self-test using RTK test kits before coming to work. We felt like this is the responsible thing to do, and we believe that with more people stepping up and playing their respective part, the sooner we can return to a more normal life.

Moving forward, we will still continue to practice the above-mentioned steps that we have adopted during the past few months to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. With the economy slowly opening up, we will start to accept walk-ins but appointments are highly recommended and will be given priority.

With the measures in place, we’re sure that we can continue to render our services to our respected clients at the same time ensure their safety is protected. Looking forward to your appointment! Stay safe everyone!